Your Unwanted Medical Equipment

A constantly evolving healthcare environment combined with equipment evolution means hospitals all over the United States struggle daily with solving two expensive problems:

  1. costly upgrades to existing inventory and

  2. outdated, unwanted, and unused equipment

MED-SELL.COM can help you quickly turn both problems into solutions through sales certified pre-owned equipment and surplus acquisition of outdated inventory.

Save money by trading your medical equipment

MED-SELL.COM can preserve capital budget dollars and time by helping you sell your pre-owned equipment. It’s an easy way to turn your excess inventory into cash.

Donate your equipment to charity

Equipment that cannot be sold may be donated to charity through our relationship with humanitarian aid organizations.

Let us tailor a program for you to quickly and easily monetize your unwanted, outdated, or unused medical equipment. Put your assets back to work for your health system.

Free of Charge, We Tailor a Program that:

  1. ensures your equipment is removed from your asset master

  2. verifies all depreciation

  3. removes the assets from future PMs and provides a written offer prior to removal from facility.

We Donate to Medical Missions

MED-SELL.COM donates to Medical Missions, a 501(c)3 organization that connects medical volunteers and other volunteers with organizations that sponsor medical missions worldwide.

Medical Mission in Haiti with MED-SELL.COM
MED-SELL.COM can solve your unused medical equipment problems